Vision Statement

Green Rush Consulting is committed to helping patients and growers cultivate high quality organic medicinal marijuana by providing support through education, training, and tools. In a new industry in which education and resources are fragmented, we seek to change and unify that by spreading knowledge and helping others cultivate, dispense, and medicate responsibly.

From seed to success, our passion is growing cannabis as medicine. It is a beautiful process full of the reward of helping those that truly need it. We have sought out and researched cultivation practices for over 15 years and have developed a system that includes the most efficient growing techniques, indoor garden techonology, and safest cultivation practices. 


We aim to be part of the positive change that is happening in this country and to  assist in the transformation by sharing our knowledge and experience.


GRC Founder and Cultivation Expert

As a self-taught gardener with a love of cultivating, Zeta Ceti, has produced high quality organic cannabis for medical marijuana patients for more than a decade in the Oakland, California area. Throughout the last 17 years, he has built an arsenal of experiences ranging from building and managing large-scale cultivation sites to working with and helping individuals win dispensary licenses in Arizona, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and California. 
Zeta has been featured on CNN, Time Life, and the Discovery Channel for his work designing and constructing mobile grow units considered to be some of the most innovative grow designs for the indoor garden industry. He has spoken in seminars in front of hundreds on cultivation processes alongside other speakers such as Cheryl Shuman..
Regardless of Zeta’s accomplishments in business, his heart remains in the garden. As a result of recognizing a need for quality education and passion for helping others find success in their own cultivation processes and in their business, Zeta founded Green Rush Consulting in 2013 to help bring high quality medicine to patients around the country through his various cultivation and permit license services.


GRC Dispensary Operations Specialist

John Tasker has been a cannabis patient since 2004, and has been cultivating, advocating, and educating those in need ever since. After recognizing the need for basic voter and patient education, John authored and published "Cannabis 101" with help from groups like ASA, NORML, Treating Yourself Magazine, The Wercshop, Leafly, and others. He founded in 2012 as a way to help unify the industry, along with functional protocol, and to help provide an alternative industry image than what is generally being represented. 

He is committed to the responsible representation of cannabis, and has spoken with city councils, politicians, policy makers, financial moguls, and industry operators to try and help reform MMJ policy & practices. He has helped facilitate start-ups, begin vendor relationships, managed several commercial cultivation operations, and has managed Cannabis Collective on-site distribution and operations in Southern California. John also currently holds an advisory chair on a Political Action Committee (*classified as General Purpose in CA) devoted to overturning the dispensary bans in Southern California.

John's goals align with GRC to help increase the visibility, protection, and potential for the medicinal cannabis industry and its patients, while ensuring that economies and local job markets are properly accounted for. John's expertise in dispensary operations can assist licensed dispensaries with the formula for success.