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Starting a successful cannabis business

CANNABIS IS IN OUR DNA! Green Rush Consulting is laser focused on winning city and state business licenses for marijuana dispensary, cultivation, and manufacturing facilities and have the verifiable successful track record to prove it. We provide EXPERT HELP to guide prospective applicants through the complex regulatory process of obtaining a license. Providing support and guidance for the applicant while optimizing and strengthening your chances of winning a license. We also offer additional specialized services with our network of expert consultants who can assist you with everything you need to be successful. 


We understand that as an established consulting company in the cannabis industry, you have to be adaptable and flexible with every entrepreneurs needs. As the market changes and evolves, we know how to setup a variety of succession plans to ensure the necessary support for cannabis entrepreneurs to reach their goals and beyond


Hemp Business Consulting

Get expert help from our Cannabis Hemp Business partnerships

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Policy and Regulation Service

Get expert help with cannabis policy from our partners

Cannabis Licensing Services

License Application Services

Learn how to apply for a cannabis license withn your state

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Cannabis Business Plan Services

Get Expert help with business plan development


Cannabis Business Strategy Services

Learn foundational strategy for operating a cannabis business


How to Invest in a Cannabis Business

Learn how to invest in prospective cannabis businesses

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Business Plan Templates

View our selection of Business Plan Templates 

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Cannabis Business Advisory Services

Get development advisory for your cannabis business