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At Green Rush Consulting, we help build cannabis businesses that thrive. In this heavily regulated industry, that requires a breadth of experience combined with the flexibility to adapt as circumstances change. GRC is an all-inclusive agency that represents the best and the brightest operators and subject matter experts in the cannabis industry. 


Our core team is comprised of individuals who have dedicated their lives to cannabis activism and professionalism by setting the standards and best practices in the cannabis space. Our team is not limited to just us, but rather a collaboration of industry experts across the globe who focus on the cannabis industry in their respective fields. 

Across 14 states, we have secured over 100 marijuana dispensary licenses, manufacturing licenses, and cultivation licenses for our clients and have supported businesses in states with a wide array of regulatory and business environments, including Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, as well as countries in Europe, Canada, and South America.

Integrity. Innovation. Stewardship. Diversity. Unity. 

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Zeta Ceti

CEO / President

Zeta Ceti has over 26 years industry experience helping clients across the U.S.  winning over 100+ licenses to operate dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and other cannabis-based businesses. Zeta has been featured in publications and a speaker at many of the industry’s top-level events such as MJBizCon, Cannabis Business Times, and International Cannabis Business Conference.

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Dr. Kimberly Lane


Dr. Kimberly Lane, COO of Green Rush Consulting, is a former MBA Professor, entrepreneur, and business consultant. With nearly 25 years of operations experience, she founded and successfully exited two companies. She became a business consultant to other corporations specializing in corporate innovations and strategies to build struggling business brands. 

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Brian Dombrowski

Senior Project Manager / Application Writer

Brian Dombrowski has 20 years of compliance and consulting experience in the cannabis industry. He has worked with high profile businesses across the United States and has extensive experience in the management of dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution operations.

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Michael Harvey

Application Writer / Advisor

Michael Harvey, brings 25 years of management, operations, and distribution experience managing leading companies like Kroger, Southern Wine & Spirits, and Young’s Market Company. Mr. Harvey brings brings extensive knowledge in warehouse liquor distribution, compliance, technology, and supply chain management principles as well as cannabis.

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Elvis Medina

VP of Sales and Marketing

Elvis Medina has over 30 years of broadcast and digital media experience in major markets. On-air and in audio and technical production. He has also been Executive Producer of Cannabis Talk 101 for iHeart Media since 2019 and broadcasted in 134 countries.

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Andrew Hamilton

Technical Director

Andrew Hamilton is the Technical Director of GRC with over decade of experience in IT, Hardware and Software development, and Marketing support for the company generating innovative products, service modules, customer technical support, and data security.  

Joanna LiCalsi, Esq., Legal Counsel & Director of Business Affairs, LoudPack, Inc.

Working with the team at Green Rush was the least stressful and most professional license application process I've experienced. Communication was seamless and consistent, and the team kept everyone on track at all times

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