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Illinois Infuser Products

A total of 19 Exhibits are required to complete the Illinois Infuser Application. The Application Accelerator Bundle includes 10 of the 19 required Exhibits. 2 out of the 3 bonus on Exhibit M are also included. Exhibits can also be purchased individually.

  • A: Suitability of the Proposed Facility

  • B: Suitability of Employee Training Plan

  • C: Security Plan and Recordkeeping Plan

  • D: Infuser Plan

  • E: Product Safety and Labeling Plan

  • F: Business Plan and Services to be Offered

  • H: Applicant’s Labor and Employment Practices

  • I: Environmental Plan

  • L: Diversity Plan

  • M: Bonus Section (Optional)

*If you have any​ questions about our products feel free to contact us at 510-479-7327.

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