By Matt Lamers |September 9, 2019 | Politics & Advocacy

EXCLUSIVE: Jamaica readies rules for commercial medical cannabis exports

40 cannabis business licenses

Jamaica is engaging stakeholders over highly anticipated regulations to govern the export of commercial-scale medical cannabis, and the rules are expected to be finalized within weeks, according to Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw.

Marijuana Business Daily obtained a copy of the draft rules ahead of their release from a source who requested anonymity. The proposals are subject to change.

The rules, once implemented, will help underpin the long-term viability of the local industry, attract investment and make capital fundraising easier, industry executives say.

The object of the regulations – called the Dangerous Drugs (Cannabis Import and Export Licensing) Regulations, 2019 – is “to establish a comprehensive licensing regime to regulate the importation and exportation of ganja for medical, therapeutic or scientific purposes in conformity with the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961, as amended by the 1972 Protocol, and minimize the risk of the diversion of ganja in illicit traffic,” according to the draft.

The extremely detailed rules lay out who may apply to the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) for authorization to import and export cannabis for medical, therapeutic or scientific purposes, related processes, fees as well as inspection and monitoring.

A CLA spokesperson said the regulatory body has been engaging stakeholders for feedback since late August, and “the final say on the promulgation of the regulations will eventually lie with the Ministry of Justice.”

The agency had “issued” 40 cannabis business licenses as of the end of July and “granted” 54.

Why exports

Executives say the long-awaited rules are essential for the medical cannabis industry in Jamaica because the local market is too small to sustain sizable cannabis businesses.

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