Marijuana Product Safety Plan Template

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The Marijuana Product Safety Plan has been developed by a leading marijuana laboratory to include all of the information you need to maintain a safe and sanitary production environment, whether in a marijuana manufacturing/extraction facility or in a marijuana cultivation facility. This is vital for cultivating or extracting marijuana to produce safe, consistent and properly labeled products that are free from pests, toxins, contaminants and/or illegal pesticides.

 The Marijuana Product Safety Plan includes:

  • Preventative Measures & Growing Conditions
    • Limiting Hazards from Humans & Equipment
    • Isolating Plants & Mitigation
    • Clean Room Requirements
    • Cleanliness & Sanitary Practices
    • Closed Growing Environment
    • Separation of Cultivation Areas
    • Systematic Pruning
    • Introduction of Predator Species
    • Selecting Pest & Disease Resistant Strains
  • Observation & Laboratory Testing Standards
  • Packaging
  • Intervention Measures

Please Note: Production standards and sanitation requirements are dependent upon your own local, county and state ordinances pertaining to the distribution and retailing of medical marijuana and cannabis products. You will be responsible for customizing the template plans to fit your market, business and state laws.

This template is built on the cannabis applications and operations expertise developed over the years by Sara Gullickson.

Sara Gullickson is an internationally recognized cannabis expert who has been actively involved in the industry since its inception. A visionary entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness, she established in 2010, offering seed to sale services with hands-on support to cannabis entrepreneurs. Sara has successfully secured multiple licenses for clients across 13 competitive state markets. She has spent five years in executive level positions with operational and dispensary opening experience from the East to the West Coast. In 2018, Gullickson was approved for a provisional medical cannabis cultivation and processing license for Strive Wellness of Nevada, LLC. As part owner she will serve as COO of the company.