The strongest foundation for your marijuana venture is an effective business strategy. Whether you want to open a dispensary, cultivation facility, manufacturing or distribution center, you will need to have a well thought out plan of action to guide you through the pit falls and hurdles of the industry. Because the marijuana industry is growing at such a rapid pace there is an extremely thin margin separating success and failure. 


For your business to thrive, therefore, you will need to execute business decisions that are both well informed and perfectly timed. Timing is critical. Green Rush Consulting offers strategic advising and consultation services to help you identify, navigate and guide your business past any obstacles that may hold you back. Let our years of experience building successful businesses and proven brands be your compass.


Whether you are looking to enter into an emerging marijuana market, develop and strengthen your brand presence, streamline your operations, or are investigating licensing and franchising opportunities, Green Rush Consulting can help. It is critical to surround yourself with the best experts that are competent and dedicated to your business goals.  Our Marijuana Business Strategic Advisory Services are the most premium service designed for any of level of marijuana business owner.

create your own advisory team 

Our knowledge, resources, and industry network of partners allows our team to leverage world class cannabis experts all over the globe. Leveraging the collaboration of a growing number of subject matter experts has allowed us to provide the best-in-class professionals in the fields of business, finance, vertical marijuana business operations, real estate, security, law enforcement, policy, government, and many others that can help you achieve your goals successfully. 

brand expansion and licensing

We have amassed a constant flow of opportunity and potential vetted partnerships that may be aligned with your marijuana business goals. These services can help your business quickly expand to other states or countries through leveraging our industry partner network. Please call or fill out a form to inquire about potential partnership opportunities for your marijuana business. Services designed for existing operational companies that are seeking brand and licensing agreements. 

specialized projects

Don't let perfection get in the way of execution. Our team will help you develop a strong strategy saving you time, money, and energy so your team can execute the plan 

For MSO's and even Ancillary Services, our Strategy Advisory Services can help you expand your partnership opportunities so your marijuana business can scale. 

Please inquire by filling out our FORM to learn more about our additional client  customized services. 

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

                                — Leonardo Da Vinci


Please fill out the FORM and connect with us! Green Rush Consulting has been  leading the cannabis industry since 2011.


We help guide entrepreneurs entering the cannabis industry, as well as cannabis companies looking to grow and expand their existing business and brand.