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How to Open a Dispensary in Alaska

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In 1998, 58% of Alaska voters approved Measure 8, a law which provides a legal defense to non-registered patients and those who can demonstrate adequate need to possess large quantities of medical marijuana. On November 4, 2014, 53% of voters approved Measure 2, also known as AS 17.38 or Alaska Marijuana Legalization Initiative, allowing for the regulation, production, sale, and use of marijuana for adult use. Alaska became the third state to legalize recreational marijuana.  Measure 2 went into effect February 2015 and the first licensed recreational marijuana businesses were authorized to begin operations in Alaska in 2016.​

Alaska’s Medical Marijuana program did not create provisions for medical dispensaries to be licensed or to operate legally.


Alaska’s Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) runs the Medical Marijuana Registry. For patients and/or caregivers, visit the DHSS website for application forms

Key Dates

Alaska continues to accept applications for marijuana businesses on a rolling basis. All applications require a location.

Available marijuana business License Types

The Marijuana Control Board  does not limit the number of adult-use marijuana licenses it can issue at the state level. However, Measure 2, specifically, AS 17.38.110(b) states that local governments can restrict the time, place, manner and number of marijuana licenses. Check your local government to make sure of the local limit on where to open a dispensary or other marijuana business. Alaska’s adult-use marijuana industry includes six types of marijuana establishment licenses: 

  1. Standard Marijuana Cultivation Facilities

  2. Limited Marijuana Cultivation Facilities

  3. Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facilities

  4. Marijuana Concentrate Manufacturing Facilities

  5. Marijuana Testing Manufacturing Facilities

  6. Retail Marijuana Store


Application Fees/Start up costs

Application Fees and Start up costs are listed on the Alcohol Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) website. AMCO accepts checks, cashier's checks and money orders for marijuana applications.  Below you will find adult-use application fees and start up cost. 

Adult-use Application and Admin Fees

  • New Application Fee- $1000

  • Transfer Application Fee- $1000

  • Renewal Application Fee- $600

  • Fingerprint Fee- $48.25 (per person)

  • Business Name Change Fee (MJ-13)- $250

  • Licensed Premises Diagram Change Fee (MJ-14)- $250

  • Operating Plan Change Fee (MJ-15)- $250

  • Proposed New Marijuana Product Fee (MJ-16)- $250 (per product)

  • Ownership Change Fee (MJ-17)- $250

  • Conversion Application Fee- $1000

  • Onsite Consumption Endorsement Application Fee- $1000

  • Onsite Consumption Endorsement Fee- $2000

Adult-use License Fees 

  • Standard Marijuana Cultivation Facilities- $5,000

  • Limited Marijuana Cultivation Facilities- $1,000

  • Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facilities- $5,000

  • Marijuana Concentrate Manufacturing Facilities- $1,000

  • Marijuana Testing Manufacturing Facilities- $1,000

  • Retail Marijuana Store- $5,000

Adult-use Renewal Fees  

  • Limited Marijuana Cultivation Facilities- $1,400

  • Marijuana Concentrate Manufacturing Facilities- $2,000

  • Marijuana Testing Facilities- $2,000

  • Standard Marijuana Cultivation Facilities- $7,000

  • Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facilities- $7,000

  • Retail Marijuana Store-$7,000


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