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Dispensary Application Accelerator: Business Operations Plan

Dispensary Application Accelerator: Business Operations Plan

The Dispensary Application Accelerator Business Operations Plan™ is designed as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution for today’s Cannabis Entrepreneur seeking to apply for a cannabis business license. This Dispensary Business Operations Plan is 36 pages of comprehensive details on your dispensary location and business to maintain its day-to-day operations . The document is editable to customize to your exact specifications and can be modified with any custom materials you want to include based on your business needs and state regulations. Each Dispensary Application Accelerator Product comes with a set of technical standard operating procedures (SOP) that can be used as a living organizational document.


The operations section of your business plan is where you explain – in detail – your dispensary's objectives, goals, procedures, and timeline. An operations plan is helpful for investors, but it's also helpful for you and employees because it pushes you to think about tactics and deadlines. It is a well-crafted document that ensures team members know their responsibilities and have a clear understanding of what needs to be done such as:


  • Identify important goals, milestones, or objectives

  • Determine key initiatives to help achieve those goals

  • Define key assumptions you're making about challenges

  • Decide how you'll measure success

  • Clearly outline responsibilities and tasks

  • Activities to be delivered

  • Quality standards

  • Desired outcomes

  • Staffing and resource requirements

  • Implementation timetables

  • A process for monitoring progress

This Dispensary Business Operations Plan is designed for all of the above for the dispensary business and facility to create a strong plan for business operations while maintaining compliance with all state regulations. 


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