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Dispensary Application Accelerator: Community Benefits Plan
  • Dispensary Application Accelerator: Community Benefits Plan

    The Dispensary Application Accelerator Community Benefits Plan™ is designed as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution for today’s Cannabis Entrepreneur seeking to apply for a cannabis business license. This Dispensary Community Benefits Plan is 15 pages of comprehensive details on how your dispensary location and business has a positive impact on the surrounding community and beyond. The document is editable to customize to your exact specifications and can be modified with any custom materials you want to include based on your business needs and state regulations. Each Dispensary Application Accelerator Product comes with a set of technical standard operating procedures (SOP) that can be used as a living organizational document. 


    As a member of the community, developing and implementing a Community Benefits Plan to ensure that the proposed dispensary business and location does not in any way negatively affect the quality of life for members of the community or the professional livelihood of the local businesses. Committed to being a pillar for financial, professional and educational support in the community is paramount. The Community Benefits Plan is designed to provide support to a community in ways such as the following:


    • Monetary Donations

    • Volunteer Services

    • Educational Outreach Materials

    • Enhanced Public Safety


    This Dispensary Community Benefits Plan is designed for the business and brand strategy for its impact in surrounding communities. Having a plan on how you will engage a community is vital in order for your success as well as a requirement of a state license application in order to apply for a license. 


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