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Dispensary Application Accelerator: Full Bundle

Dispensary Application Accelerator: Full Bundle

The Dispensary Application Accelerator Full Bundle™ is designed as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution for today’s Cannabis Entrepreneur seeking to apply for a cannabis business license. This is the full set of Application Accelerator plans for a Retail Dispensary. The document is editable to customize to your exact specifications and can be modified with any custom materials you want to include based on your business needs and state regulations. Each Dispensary Application Accelerator Product comes with a set of technical standard operating procedures (SOP) that can be used as a living organizational document.


What's included:


  • Business Plan
  • Security Plan
  • Recordkeeping Plan
  • Recall Plan
  • Quality Control Plan
  • Sanitation Plan
  • Inventory Control Plan
  • Odor Mitigation Plan
  • Disposal Plan
  • Community Benefits Plan
  • Diversity Plan
  • Diversion Prevention Plan
  • Social Equity Plan
  • Storage Plan
  • Shipping and Receiving Plan
  • Delivery Plan
  • Consumer Education Plan (Marketing)
  • Workforce Hiring Plan
  • Environmental Impact Plan
  • Packaging and Labeling Plan

This Dispensary Application Accelerator Full Bundle is designed to cover most of all of a state license application requirements minus any forms or exhibits required by the applicant for submission. It documents the necessary steps to the  highest standards for the retail facility and to ensure compliance with all state regulations.


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