Canna Concepts Business Plan

The Canna Concepts Business Plan is designed for anyone interested in starting a successful  business in the cannabis industry, which requires a well-thought out proof of concept regardless of the amount of funding or experience that you and your team may possess. This package is designed to help provide critical answers to any questions you may have before you make the leap into a highly competitive and regulated market. This is a precursor to the Investor Suite Business Plan.



  • One customized business plan*
  • 20 Hours of content development time
  • 10 Hours of cannabis consulting/coaching
  • Access to cannabis industry Subject Matter Experts in the areas of operations, financial modeling, legal compliance and more
  • Pro-rated pricing on additional consulting hours ($200/hour)
  • Graphic design, logo and branding services available at additional fees

*Elements of your Plan are determined after an initial consultation with a GRC professional (approximately 25 - 30 pages in length)

Canna Concepts Business Plan

  • Have a great idea for a Dispensary, Delivery Service, Cultivation, Ancillary products or Services? The Canna Concept Plan is a business plan that is fully customized and developed around your unique vision.

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