Dispensary Financial Plan Accelerator
  • Dispensary Financial Plan Accelerator


    The Dispensary Financial Accelerator is a tool designed to help cannabis entrepreneurs with the development of a financial projection to understand costs and estimates to open a marijuana dispensary. Get started now on understanding you startup costs and have the numbers you need to raise capital for your venture. 


    A fully comprehensive set of formulations in Excel, the Dispensary Financial Accelerator will help you financially understand your dispensary business within a 24-hour period or less, saving you significant time, money, and energy. Simply fill out the online form and the Accelerator Product outputs a powerful, in-depth set of financials. 


    Microsoft Excel is required. If you do not have Microsoft Excel, the Dispensary Financial Accelerator can be opened in Google Spreadsheets. Once in Google Sheets you can update the file normally and share it with your team members for further analysis, editing, and modifying until you export the final file.


    The Dispensary Financial Accelerator comes with the Dispensary Navigator, a comprehensive strategy guide to help support you in the development of your business.