Illinois Craft Grower Application Accelerator Exhibit C

Illinois Craft Grower Application Accelerator Exhibit C


Exhibit C: Security Plan and Recordkeeping

Exhibit C demonstrates the Applicant’s ability to prevent the theft or diversion of cannabis and assist Illinois State Police, the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, the Department of Agriculture and local law enforcement in carrying out law enforcement responsibilities. Exhibit C also includes a plan for record keeping, tracking and monitoring inventory, quality control and security and other policies and procedures will discourage unlawful activity, including a description of the Applicant's plan to coordinate with and dispose of unused or surplus cannabis with aforementioned regulatory agencies, as well as a description of the enclosed, locked facility for securing and storing cannabis and the Applicant’s security measures, including measures for when the location is closed for business and steps taken to ensure that cannabis is not visible to the public. 


Exhibit C requires a plan to apply for a transporter license or plan to work with a licensed transporter and the procedures for safely and securely delivering cannabis and cannabis-infused products to cannabis business establishments. Contact us for more information regarding meeting this requirement.

NOTE: Regulations require the approval of Exhibit C: Security Plan and Recordkeeping by the Illinois State Police