Illinois Craft Grower PLUS Bundle
  • Illinois Craft Grower PLUS Bundle


    The Illinois Craft Grower Application Accelerator Bundle PLUS includes Manufacturing and Infusion information incorporated into specific Exhibits of the application materials. 


    A total of 19 Exhibits are required to complete the Craft Grower Application. The Application Accelerator includes 10 of the 19 required Exhibits. 2 out of the 3 bonus on Exhibit M are included.


    Exhibit List - Included Items

    A: Suitability of the Proposed Facility

    B: Suitability of Employee Training Plan

    C: Security Plan and Recordkeeping Plan

    D: Cultivation Plan

    E: Product Safety and Labeling Plan

    F: Business Plan and Services to be Offered

    H: Applicant’s Labor and Employment Practices

    I: Environmental Plan

    L: Diversity Plan

    M: Bonus Section (Optional)


    In the event of a tie in scoring, the Department may award up to 2 bonus points for preferred but not required initiatives in the following categories: (1) community benefits plan, (2) substance abuse prevention plan, (3) local community/neighborhood report.


    Application Accelerator B