Illinois Infuser Bundle
  • Illinois Infuser Bundle


    A total of 19 Exhibits are required to complete the Illinois Infuser Application. The Application Accelerator includes 10 of the 19 required Exhibits. 2 out of the 3 bonus on Exhibit M are included.


    Exhibit List - Included Items

    A: Suitability of the Proposed Facility

    B: Suitability of Employee Training Plan

    C: Security Plan and Recordkeeping Plan

    D: Infuser Plan

    E: Product Safety and Labeling Plan

    F: Business Plan and Services to be Offered

    H: Applicant’s Labor and Employment Practices

    I: Environmental Plan

    L: Diversity Plan

    M: Bonus Section (Optional)


    In the event of a tie in scoring, the Department may award up to 2 bonus points for preferred but not required initiatives in the following categories: (1) community benefits plan, (2) substance abuse prevention plan, (3) local community/neighborhood report.


    Application Accelerator Bundle includes ONLY the Community Benefits and Substance Abuse Prevention Plans. Local Community Neighborhood report is not included.


    Additional Upgrade Packages


    Exhibit F - Completion Package (Business Plan and Services to be Offered) The Accelerator Package comes with Exhibit F, but could require additional information and documentation from the Applicant, including personal experience in transporting cannabis or related industries, source and uses of funds, and experience in business practices that promote economic development in Disproportionately Impacted Areas. For an additional fee of $2500, we can help customize this for you.


    Illinois Infuser Applications from the Illinois Department of Agriculture can be found at this LINK.


    FAQs on the Illinois Infuser Application can be found