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At Green Rush Consulting, we have helped cannabis entrepreneurs understand the RIGHT path that led them to a successful cannabis business venture. Making the right decision from the very beginning will help shape your cannabis business future in the most successful way, and that is hard to do without EXPERT HELP with real solutions that get superior results. 

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Cannabis Education is the Key to Success


Understanding how to open a dispensary or cultivation facility is a daunting task with many risks factors such as financial risks, regulatory risks, and overall challenging situations that require a complete focus on accomplishing the most difficult tasks. To qualify to apply for a cannabis business license of any kind, whether it be a dispensary, manufacturing facility, or cultivation facility, before proceeding ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you dedicated, driven, and committed to achieving your goals regardless of challenges?

  • Do you have a compelling story as to why you are doing what you do and what the purpose is?

  • Can you get in front of anyone to sell them on your cannabis business story?

  • Do you have great leadership management skills to manage people towards the goals?

  • Do you have potential access in your current network to talent, funding, real estate, and experts?

  • If you lost and did not win a license, would you give up or build in succession plans to ensure your entry into the cannabis industry in some form or another?

As a cannabis entrepreneur, it is critical to do as much learning as possible before deciding to start a cannabis  business. The cannabis industry is moving at a fast pace and competition is becoming more and more fierce everyday.


Between developing your business plans, raising capital, shifting regulations, and many other variables, you must be committed and be driven to succeed.

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