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Connecticut launched its medical marijuana program in 2012 with the passage of Public Act 12-55, An Act Concerning the Palliative Use of Marijuana. Following an application period in 2013, the state awarded licenses in 2014, with 1,990 patients already registered. Connecticut authorized three new medical marijuana dispensary facilities in 2016, and accepted applications for 3-10 more in April 2018.


Connecticut is not accepting license applications at this time.


Marijuana Business Daily projects Connecticut’s market will nearly double in 2018, from $30 million in 2017 to $50-75 million. This correlates with increased patient numbers: As of July 2018, Connecticut has 26,536 registered medical marijuana patients, as compared to 19,000 in July 2017.


Connecticut currently has 9 registered medical marijuana dispensaries and 4 registered medical marijuana cultivators.

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Estimated market size

Connecticut marijuana sales fall somewhere between $50 million and $60 million a year at nine licensed, highly regulated dispensaries, according to estimates.

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If you are just starting your marijuana business, the next best step is to start a Business Plan to help educate your team and be ready to apply for a marijuana business license. If you are ready to apply for a Marijuana Business License in Connecticut, please Contact us or call our offices to set an appointment to get started. You can also select another State Opportunity, or fill out our Contact Form to discuss potential strategies such as Investment or Partnership Opportunities. 

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