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The legislative effort to pass the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act is again underway in South Carolina. Legislative champions, Sen. Tom Davis and Rep. Peter McCoy, have introduced measures this year that continue the legislative effort to establish a comprehensive and well-regulated program for seriously ill patients to get access. These measures gained a great deal of support from lawmakers last year, and that work to build support continues.

If you are a resident of South Carolina, make sure your lawmakers know of your continued support. For a closer look at the policies, Sen. Davis’s bill is available online here, and Rep. McCoy’s measure in the House is available online here. For a summary of many of the key provisions of the measure, click here. We’ve also created a handout on medical cannabis and its benefits in South Carolina, available online here.

South Carolina legalized the use of low THC, high CBD products for patients with qualifying medical conditions. Patients with epilepsy were added to the list, amending the original list to  include the prescription of cannabis oil to control seizures. Attempts to legalize the cultivation and distribution of varying marijuana strains began in 2018. The bill has not moved since. 

License categories

If S. 150 passes it would offer the following license categories:

Cultivator License

Information on Cultivation License in South Carolina:

South Carolina would be offering up to 15 cultivation center licenses, allowing indoor and outdoor cultivation respectfully. Which must be zoned for agriculture.

Processor License

Information on Processor License in South Carolina:

They will be offering up to 30 processing licenses, which must be zoned for manufacturing.

Transporter License

Information on Transporter License in South Carolina:

They will be offering 4 transporter licenses within the state, which will entitle owners of this license to transport, transfer cannabis products between facilities.

Dispensary License

Information on Dispensary License in South Carolina:

A dispensary license must be zoned for commercial use and employ a pharmacist, physician on site. With one dispensary license for every twenty pharmacies, with a minimum of one dispensary per county.

Testing Laboratory license

Information on Testing Laboratory License in South Carolina:

There will be 5 testing facility licenses awarded within the state of South Carolina,

allowing the facilities to transport cannabis to the facility for approval of consumption.

Under this bill it will allow up to 100 dispensary licenses, and 15 vertical integration facilities within the state.

Medical Marijuana

Under the proposed bill, patients would need to have a qualifying condition, as well as physician approval in order to obtain medical cannabis for treatment. The bill would allow for 2 ounces to be purchased every two weeks.

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South Carolina Marijuana History

2017. The state legalizes growing hemp for industrial purposes. As of 2018, the law allows for up to 50 cultivation licenses, authorizing 50 acres each. 

2014. CBD oil is legalized for medical use for children with severe epilepsy. The patient must be certified by a physician in order to obtain CBD for treatment. Senate Bill 1035, "Julian's Law",

how to start a marijuana business south carolina

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