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wisconsin marijuana laws

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Wisconsin law allows for low-THC oil medical cannabis use. 

In February 2021, Governor Tony Evers proposed legislation that would legalize recreational cannabis use, citing a controlled market in which to regulate and tax marijuana products.  

Included in a two-year state budget, legislation would allow residents of the state who are 21 years of age and older to possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis, and grow up to six personal use plants in a residence. 

Gov. Evers has proposed marijuana legalization before, suggesting a comprehensive medical marijuana program as part of the budget proposal. Included in this suggestion was the decriminalization of minor possession, as well as expungement for non violent cannabis related offenses. 

​In 2018, cannabis-related measures were present on more than half of Wisconsin’s voter’s ballots. Every single cannabis-related measure presented passed. Medical cannabis questions received 67% and 89% while Adult-use questions garnered between 60% and 76% of the vote.

License Types

Currently, Wisconsin does not offer any cannabis licenses. In the event of Gov. Evers signing his proposal into law, Wisconsin will establish a regulatory system for the adult-use market including a licensing structure. 


Medical Marijuana

Under current state law, only CBD oils are available for medical use, with expansion into a larger medical marijuana program structure supported by Gov. Evers’s budget proposal.

Under Act 4, all patients may possess medical use CBD with written certification from a physician. It is still not legal to distribute or produce CBD oils within the state.

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Wisconsin Marijuana History 

February, 2021. Governor Evers proposes a two year budget that includes legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana, with  a committee to establish recreational market regulations, as well as establish a full medical marijuana program. 


November 2018. Cannabis-related advisory questions presented on ballots were approved by nearly 1 million Wisconsin voters, gaining public support. 


April 17, 2017. Act 4 was signed into law, expanding on Wisconsin’s previous Act 267, and allowing patients with written certification from a physician to possess CBD oil. Production and distribution were not included in the expansion. 


2014. Act 267 was passed, allowing patients with diagnosed seizure disorders to possess CBD oil as means of treatment, however the act did not include legalization of production or distribution of CBD products. 

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