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Dispensary Application Accelerator: Environmental Impact Plan
  • Dispensary Application Accelerator: Environmental Impact Plan

    The Dispensary Application Accelerator Environmental Impact Plan™ is designed as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution for today’s Cannabis Entrepreneur seeking to apply for a cannabis business license. This Dispensary Environmental Plan is 10 pages of comprehensive details on how your dispensary location will manage environmental concerns and maintain procedures for controlling the environment inside of the dispensary facility.. The document is editable to customize to your exact specifications and can be modified with any custom materials you want to include based on your business needs and state regulations. Each Dispensary Application Accelerator Product comes with a set of technical standard operating procedures (SOP) that can be used as a living organization document. 


    Having a positive impact on the community is important through the dispensary location and its environmental plans. Items such as ensuring a minimum of 50% of the construction waste generated at the site is diverted to recycle or salvage. Prioritizing vendors with certified environmentally-responsible practices, particularly cultivation businesses that demonstrably mitigate energy, water consumption, and packaging waste and assessing the feasibility of LEED certification.


    This Dispensary Environmental Impact Plan is designed for the strategy and implementation of procedures for environmental control with green and sustainable business practices while  maintaining compliance with all state regulations.


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